About Andrew

Andrew Covell is a contemporary painter and motion graphics designer/animator. His brightly colored geometric abstractions depict the landscapes and skies of his California surroundings through a fractured lens. He studied Cinema and Photography, as well as drawing, at Ithaca College in upstate NY. After moving to Los Angeles, he took up painting. In 2008, Andrew began to develop the style in which he continues to work passionately to this day. His work has been shown across the Los Angeles area, from the Long Beach Museum of Art to the L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex downtown, to several venues on the northeast side of Los Angeles, where he lives and works.

Artist’s Statement

The visual elements of digital society such as pixelation, glitches and vector art influence my paintings the same way the Cubists and others used industrial imagery of their time. This is one of the reasons geometry is so prevalent in my work. By simplifying images down to geometry, I can also hint at the complex math that is happening in everything we see. My subjects tend to be my surroundings, and my paintings usually represent an isolated moment. The geometry communicates the energy of that instant. I am also interested in the connection between digital pixels and the sub-atomic particles that make up the universe. Digital imagery is made up of millions of small pixels the same way our world is made of billions of sub-atomic parts. The way I fracture my imagery is often meant to evoke both pixels and particles.

My Work